Washington Territory
Eric Adamson, Vice President, Salesman, Tech Rep & Jobber Service Support : Eric joined us in 1997 and has ownership in the company. He has over eight years experience as a jobber store manager, Firestone store manager and WD buyer. He is talented in merchandising and commands a great knowledge of our customerís business. Eric is our lead trainer, providing classes and field pull-through support for our customers. He is a graduate of the Arizona Automotive Institute. Eric supervises the Washington and Hawaii territories and provides product and tech training in those areas.
Ken Richardson , Salesman: Ken started with us in 2007. He has 9 years of experience as Regional Manager and Sales Trainer for Safety-Kleen Corporation. Ken has experience with a wide customer base: from the small end-user automotive accounts to the largest manufacturer and industrial accounts. He has a positive attitude and a mission to serve. Ken calls on both automotive and industrial accounts in Washington.
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